Venus Goddess
  • Venus Goddess

    In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility.

    She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite.


    Venus Goddess Candle stands at 15cm tall and weighs 3.5oz.

    A beautiful avant garde statement piece for your home decor or light your candle with style.

     Has its own base, but please still place on a coaster when lighting the candle for drip pre-cautions.

    - 90/10 blend of Soy Wax & Beesewax.

    - Vegan* options available, just message me for custom orders, at no additional charge! 


      Absolutely no paraffin Wax used, paraffin wax releases toxic fumes when burnt. We use Soy Wax & Beesewax for a smoother and healthier blend.

      If you want a vegan friendly options please message me and I can accomodate you!

      Candles MUST be placed above a coaster, stand, plate, anything to keep it from touching your surface. Because you don't want the wax to ruin your surface by melting onto it. 

      Please handle with care and light with with caution. Must be lit with a guardian or adult, please stay safe with fire safety.

      These candles are handcrafted and home made; please be mindful that each batch may have tiny imperfections such as air bubbles or minor scuff marks may occur. 


      Our candles are custom made by our customers specific orders and we handpour them to every persons request of fragrance and color choice.

      We are unable to re-sell a product due to many reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer a Refund or Exchange. 


      We are a small business carefully handpouring your candles. Candle wax needs a specific amoutn of setting time, and if it comes out damaged from the mold,  the extra time allows us to recreate your product. Please allow 7-9 business days to create your order and ship it out. Should there be any delay with your order we will notify you immediately via email and keep you updated.

      Thank you for patience and understanding for our small business process! All orders will be shipped immediately after the candle has set. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your oder is heavily damaged or incorrect and we will resolve the issue with you directly.

      We are not responsible for your package after shipping, all orders are tracked by the USPS. In case of damage, loss, etc, please contact USPS for help.


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